DynamicsPerf 1.20

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Released: Mar 13, 2015
Updated: Mar 14, 2015 by RodHansen
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Application DynamicsPerf1.20 for SQL2008+.zip
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Release Notes

Version 1.20 RTM

RTM Fixes:

Fixed SPINDEXCHANGES to handle captures with multiple databases in them
Changed SPPURGESTATS to keep PERFINDEX_DETAIL records for 2 years
Corrected SPCAPTURESTATSPERF to only insert data into PERFINDEXDETAIL for the Clustered or Heap
Corrected an error in collecting database statistics on tables with schema's other then .dbo
Updated the .XPO file names for Dynamics AX files
Corrected error collection AX2009 Number Sequences
All SSRS reports are now case sensitive
Updated Perfmon templates to version in PAL 2.4
Updated the sample query for Queries with multiple execution plans
Fixed collection of VLF data
Added FORMAT back to the AXNUMSEQUENCES table
Updated comments in scripts
Updated AOSANALYSIS.CMD samples

Version 1.20 RC0

Improved performance in PERFHOURLYROWDATA_VW
Fixed error handling encrypted triggers
Added logic ACTIVITYMONITORVW to handle Context_Info for Dynamics AX 2012 and above with this flag set on AOS
Added logic to optional blocking to handle Context_Info for Dynamics AX 2012 and above with this flag set on AOS
Added additional queries for investigating blocking
Added logic to collect Baseline capture data
(NOTE: QUERY_STATS table has entire procedure cache for that db during Baseline capture)
Updated SP_PURGESTATS to not delete any runs like 'BASE%' to support baselines
Changed CREATIONTIME to COMPILEDTIME in all views for clarity, aka when the query as compiled at by SQL
Changed CREATEDDATETIME in AX_SQLTRACE table from UTC time to local SQL Server time to match all other time columns
Modified QUERYSTATSCURRVW to remove any runname like 'BASE%' from this view
Modified HIDDENSCANSVW to include combinations of PARTITION and DATAAREAID for Dynamics AX
Moved COMMENT column from QUERY_STATS table to a new table called COMMENTS
Created new BLOCKSVW for Optional Blocking Job to display CONTEXTINFO information
Updated SP_PURGESTATS to delete from the SQLErrorLog table
Schema change to support comparing BASELINE data captures
Added new sample queries for BASELINE comparisons to 7-Benchmark Queries
Added new procedure SPINDEXCHANGES to show index changes from BASELINE
Updated for AX Number Sequences in AX2012
Added TempDb usage data to the ACTIVITYMONITORVW
Added wait columns to ACTIVITYMONITORVW
Added tables SYSOBJECTS, SYSPARTITIONS, SYSINDEXES to collect these system tables
Added spupdatestats to the DYNPERFCaptureStatsPurge job to keep stats updated on DynamicsPerf db
Added new view INDEXHISTORICALVW which summarizes all index stats data collections
Updated the SampleDB_MaintenanceScripts to latest code
Removed STATSTIME,DATABASENAME,PLANHANDLE from QUERYPLANS table as they were not being used
Added QUERYSTATSHASH_VW for baseline comparisons
Reorganized the Scripts - Dynamics AX project in this solution
Added new SQL job DYNPERFSetAXUserTrace_on
Added new SQL job DYNPERFSetAXUserTrace_off
Added new trace templates to Windows Perfmon folder for Dynamics AX tracing
Added new column TOTALWAITTIME to QUERYSTATSVW and QUERYSTATSCURR_VW (it's Total time - worker time)
Corrected AXNUMSEQUENCES table to include DATAAREAID for AX4 and AX2009
Added CaptureStats in TEST.sql for analyzing data in DEV/TEST environments

Reviews for this release

Hi, When we can expect objects related to NAV in the Tool? I see the Folders and files created for NAV but they are empty as of Now. Thanks Saurav Dhyani
by postsaurav on Sep 5, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Hi, Is there any update for Dynamics NAV as given as AX, GP and CRM, or any user manual guide to execute this tool and analyse the performance issue.
by NishantDeep on Feb 23, 2015 at 8:54 AM
A very useful tool box that looks at many of the areas that are normally not easily investigated. It covers SQL setup, AX infrastructure setup (AOS configuration etc.), AX usage (number seq), missing indicies etc. It provides reliable data for analysis which is vital when investigating performance issues. Using the tool and implementing some of the fundamental best practices gives a baseline as a starting point. I can only give it my best recommendation.
by Denizone on Jan 23, 2015 at 7:59 AM
Hi Rod, How could I get a version of DynamicsPerf that works with SQL2005, We have a customer who is working on AX4.0 and would like to analyse the SQL performance for them. Also the links http://blogs.msdn.com/axinthefield returns Site blocked. Could you please assist. Thanks, Mohsin
by MohsinZia on Jan 13, 2015 at 5:00 PM
Thanks for this perfect tool ! A must for every AX troubleshooter - > PerfXit Netherlands | The troubleshooting company -- http://www.perfXit.nl
by Alexander_PerfXit on Jun 22, 2014 at 7:09 PM