Demo Video on DynamicsPerf

first post: angolla wrote: Hi Team, Do you have any demo video on how to install and use Dyn...

Remote servers

first post: hraunfjord wrote: Thanks for a great tool. I have been using DynPerf at some custome...

It requires SQL 2012

first post: AgusR wrote: As the name suggest, I try to use this tool in an SQL Server 2008 R...

Move DynamicsPerf database

first post: toddhobdey wrote: I've got 7 different Dynamics environments and DynPerf is running o...

Error during export AOT

first post: vincentleboulange wrote: Hello, I try to install Dynamics Perf but I have a problem in STE...

nav version

first post: archer0099 wrote: is there a version for dynamics nav ? regards

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